How to get a bank account with $25 credit card online – Hacker News

Quickly get credit card and debit card balance with just a few clicks!With the launch of the new Instant Finance app, we are giving the world a new way to get money and to start paying off debts without having to go through traditional banks or banks accounts.Instant finance is a way to quickly and […] →Read more

Google Finance app: Get cash back on leases and finance with Google’s finance app

The app, available in the Google Play Store for free, lets you trade cash back for credit or make loans using your phone’s balance.If you’re leasing or financing a vehicle, you can even use your phone as a phone bank and lend money to others.The app’s name, Google Finance, is an acronym for Google Finance.Google […] →Read more

When you pay for gasoline, you should pay more for gas: Automakers’ finance calculator

MARTIN, Ind.(AP) If you’re a gas-hungry driver, you may be tempted to put more money into your gas-guzzling car, but automakers say the more money you spend on fuel, the more you pay.That’s the logic behind an automaker’s finance calculator that can estimate your monthly payments based on fuel prices, gas mileage and a variety […] →Read more

Best finance books for young people

Best finance is not a new concept.From the age of 13 until now, a growing number of young people have been reading books on finance.But what exactly do these books contain and why do they matter so much to young people?Here are some of the best and most widely read books on the subject.1.The Black […] →Read more

Google Finance live: What’s going on in your financial life?

The finance industry is not only a new market for Google Finance.It’s also an exciting time for the consumer and small business alike, as it’s the first time Google has launched a product that provides consumers with access to all of its financial information.The product’s launch is notable for a few reasons, the biggest of […] →Read more

What’s the best way to make a game in 2018?

If you’ve got a game you want to make, but can’t wait to get the game out to a wider audience, we’ve got the info you need.The best way is to get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or via email.What’s a game, exactly?As a game developer, you’re always looking to expand your […] →Read more

Which cities will become the next financial hub?

The United States has been at the forefront of financial innovation in the past half-century.The first major bank in the country, Bank of America, opened in 1928, and in the 1950s and 1960s, the Federal Reserve and other government agencies began offering credit to banks.But the United States never made the leap from being the […] →Read more

How I was able to keep $2,500 in my personal savings account

Personal finance blogger Ben Franklin, whose personal savings accounts were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, made a bold claim in the wake of the financial crisis.“In my entire career, I have never done anything like this,” Franklin wrote.Franklin, who was working for a financial technology company, was a co-founder of a financial service […] →Read more

Toyota shares to hit $1 billion in IPO

Toyota shares are expected to hit an all-time high as the Japanese automaker is set to raise an initial public offering worth more than $1.4 billion, according to a report from financial news site Bloomberg.Shares of the automaker closed up 1.5% on Thursday, a record high.The automaker has sold about 2.5 million vehicles since it […] →Read more