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  • How to use Carmax Finance Live to manage your account

    Share Share Carmax is offering a $50 credit to customers who are using the Carmax Live application to manage their accounts.The new feature is a one-off offer, but it is available to all current and prospective customers who wish to manage accounts using the app.It can be used for any type of account, including personal […]

  • Which bank is right for you?

    The top banks, as well as a selection of others, were chosen based on the criteria of “risk-adjusted returns,” which measures risk-free returns and returns on investment that investors are willing to accept.They were also given ratings from an analyst panel, including Barclays and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which is considered the industry’s most […]

  • How to calculate the value of your investments

    The value of a portfolio is based on your assets and liabilities, and the price of those assets and the market’s interest rates.It’s important to understand how the market values your assets before you invest.How to calculate your portfolio The value is measured in three ways: asset price (cost of owning an asset), dividend yield […]

  • When are you going to charge your credit card?

    When you have to charge credit card for a product you bought and you don’t know if it’s worth the extra cost.Credit cards usually charge a monthly fee for processing transactions and the charge may vary depending on how many transactions are made per month.You might be charged a monthly charge if you make more […]

  • Which startups have raised the most money so far?

    The average amount of money startups raise for each project has risen sharply from $15,000 in 2013 to $21,000 last year.But there are some notable exceptions.Infiniti’s $9.5 million funding round for the AI startup Kiva earned the company a total of $23.8 million from investors, and the $3.2 million it secured from Sequoia Capital was […]

  • How to get into the Chicago finance game

    As we near the end of the year, we’re finally seeing a real uptick in interest from people who are ready to jump into the city’s rapidly expanding finance market.For those who have the patience and a few dollars to splash, we’ve put together a guide to get you started.For the uninitiated, here are some […]

  • Why FTL Finance’s FTL Fintech ETF is a win for the Australian economy

    Posted November 16, 2018 10:07:00The FTL FinTech ETF, a new Australian Fintek-listed fund, has made a massive contribution to the Australian financial sector.The FDL ETF was launched by the FTL Group, an Australian technology company, in the first quarter of 2018.The ETF is part of a broader portfolio of Finteks Fintec and Fintels investment products.The […]

  • How to save on mortgage payments: The easy fix

    It’s easy to spend money on a new car or house if you know you’re saving enough for it to be worthwhile.But for people who don’t know how much to save, the average homebuyer may find it tough to make the leap into investing in a home.That’s where the Financial Choice program may help.The program, […]

  • How to get a bank account with $25 credit card online – Hacker News

    Quickly get credit card and debit card balance with just a few clicks!With the launch of the new Instant Finance app, we are giving the world a new way to get money and to start paying off debts without having to go through traditional banks or banks accounts.Instant finance is a way to quickly and […]

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