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  • Toyota shares to hit $1 billion in IPO

    Toyota shares are expected to hit an all-time high as the Japanese automaker is set to raise an initial public offering worth more than $1.4 billion, according to a report from financial news site Bloomberg.Shares of the automaker closed up 1.5% on Thursday, a record high.The automaker has sold about 2.5 million vehicles since it […]

  • Which Apple-led finance startups have been around for more than a year?

    A few months ago, I was chatting with a colleague and we were discussing how Apple was getting out of the business of paying out loans and instead making its own payments, a move that I called the “eagle financing” of the iPhone.I told him that I had never heard of a company that had […]

  • TIDWATER FINANCE: Simple easypay financing for simple payments

    TIDEWATER FINANCING: Simple cheap credit cards to ease payments.The EasyPay Finance service is an easy-to-use credit card solution that lets you pay for your bills using your debit or credit card.TIDWELL FINANCE : Easily pay your rent with is a web-based service that lets renters pay their rent with their credit card or debit […]

  • How to apply for an online basic finance loan from the Foundation

    You can apply for basic finance loans online through the Foundation.The Foundation has launched its online portal to assist applicants, as well as other lenders, to apply online for loans.In addition to basic finance, the Foundation also offers credit and insurance products, including student loans and home loans.The portal also allows applicants to pay bills, […]

  • Kia Motors to get $2.5B for the sale of U.S. operations

    Kia Motor Finance will buy a majority stake in U. S. automaker GM to raise $2,5 billion in cash, the automaker said Thursday.Kia Motor, which makes compact SUV models in Japan, will pay $2 billion for the company, which was formed in 2008.The deal is subject to regulatory approval, the company said in a statement.Kosovo’s […]

  • When you’re short on cash, consider a home financing deal

    A house can become a lifeline for many people, but it can also be a financial lifeline if you’re struggling to pay your bills and can’t find a mortgage lender willing to offer you a loan.A recent CBC Marketplace investigation found that while home equity is a good investment, the reality is that many people […]

  • Why is the government planning to slash its interest rate?

    The finance minister has been in touch with the EU and the International Monetary Fund over the last two weeks, he has told the Senate finance committee. It is not just about making sure that we are meeting our obligations but also what we have to do to make sure that people are able to pay […]

  • How to manage a credit card debt crisis

    What is the best way to manage debt?A credit card is a form of debt that comes with certain guarantees and limitations, such as monthly payments and periodic payments, as well as a certain amount of cash.In addition to these terms and conditions, credit cards have certain restrictions, such not having access to certain services […]

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