Category: Data Analysis

  • When is a loan worth paying back?

    Credit card debt financing options are increasing rapidly.The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) estimates that more than 4 million Americans are now delinquent on their credit card debt, and as of July 2017, there were nearly 40 million people in default on at least $100,000 in credit card balances.The bureau also says that more […]

  • How to get a job in finance of America: How to fill the gap

    Business Insider – 4.20.2018  Business Insider has learned that many Americans are going to find it difficult to find a job that suits them if they want to pursue a career in finance. However, there are some ways to get into the game, and there are several companies that will be offering financial education programs that […]

  • How Napoli won the battle of the directors

    A tale of two directors.It all started when the club’s former sporting director, Giorgio Lazzari, wanted to buy the club.Napoli were the favourites to take over the reins but Lazzarius went out of his way to convince the board that they should keep the current sporting director.But then Napoli agreed to pay him the same […]

  • This is how to get into the ‘unicorn’ business

    Financial services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers is using its wealth to launch a new kind of investment bank to take on a whole new market, one where investors can get paid for their time and expertise rather than for the money they’ve earned.PwC’s investment banking arm, Fidelity Investments, is building the firm’s first “unicorn” bank.It’s the latest […]

  • Why we’re betting on Yahoo finance as Yahoo gets into more of the tech business

    There’s a lot to like about Yahoo’s financial services business, but investors are betting it’s a bet that’s only going to grow more enticing in the coming years. A look at Yahoo’s business is in the cards as it moves towards its first IPO, according to a new report from the brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, which […]

  • Best finance books for young people

    Best finance is not a new concept.From the age of 13 until now, a growing number of young people have been reading books on finance.But what exactly do these books contain and why do they matter so much to young people?Here are some of the best and most widely read books on the subject.1.The Black […]

  • How the American financial system is failing us

    The American financial market is an economy that is still a relative wasteland, with little hope of any kind of recovery.But that’s changing.That’s not because the economy is weak, but because a combination of economic policy, regulatory changes, and regulatory reform has been the best thing that has happened to the financial system in decades.And […]

  • The most profitable banks in America… and the ones you should avoid

    By Ars Technic staffAurora, AZ (Reuters) – The fastest growing U.S. stock market in more than two decades has been on a tear in the last year, reaching new heights, according to data released on Thursday by Yahoo Finance.While the S&P 500’s gains in 2017 have been spectacular, they’re not quite matching those of its […]

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