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  • Hyundai Motor Finance Manager Salary: $4,000 per month

    This article is a guest post by Ali Jafari.Ali is a career finance manager at Hyundai Motor Financial, the Hyundai Finance Group, and the Hyundai Motor Group Finance Solutions.He has a Masters degree in finance management and a Bachelor degree in economics from the University of Adelaide.

  • Chevy Finance: ‘It is not a big deal’ for us

    The financial giant has been hit by a wave of financial problems over the past year, with the company reporting a net loss of $6.8 billion.It has since announced it is reducing the number of staff in the United States.The company said it was also reducing its focus on overseas markets.The financial company was founded […]

  • How to get into your state’s corporate finance industry without a degree

    Posted April 04, 2020 09:13:31You’re not just a corporate finance student.You’re a member of a growing global class of people with advanced degrees who have mastered the intricacies of the finance industry.You can get into this industry by working at a financial firm, buying a mortgage, buying or renting property, or selling a business.If you’re […]

  • Why you need to buy a car first

    More than half of people surveyed said they would never buy a new car, but the reality is that they would.Here’s why you should be planning for a down payment on your next car.Credit card debt A recent study by Credit Karma shows that consumers are using more than $50bn in credit card debt, and […]

  • How to buy and sell bitcoin in the US with ex-Apple execs

    Ex-Apple executive and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reportedly the one who brought bitcoin to the US market. In the past week, Jobs, now 73, and the founders of Coinbase, a startup that facilitates the use of bitcoins in the world, have started selling their bitcoin to US investors, Bloomberg reports. According to the report, a […]

  • Which credit card offers the best deal for home loans?

    By John St. ClairThe Associated PressNew York (AP) — Which credit cards offers the most financing options for home purchases?That’s the big question for consumers considering which one is the best for their credit.Here’s our top five picks for home financing, and we’ll provide links to the best credit card deals available.First, here’s a look […]

  • What to watch this week in the NFL: Eagles-Falcons preview

    The NFL Week 4 game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints will be played on Sunday, October 14, 2019, and the first half of the game will be televised on FOX Sports 1.The game will also be available on FOX.The NFL Week 5 game between Atlanta and New Orleans will be on […]

  • Which stocks are safe and which are riskier?

    The most popular and risky stocks to invest in are the ones that offer you the best chance of making money.That means a long-term, low-risk investment in these stocks will get you a decent return on your money.Here are five that will get your money to work in the most efficient way.1.U.S. military stocksThe U.

  • How does the Etf finance portfolio work?

    Posted April 01, 2019 04:07:16It’s a confusing and frustrating situation.The only way to truly understand the Etz Bank is to understand how it works, but there are many people who don’t understand the system at all.Read more about Etz bank: Etz finance portfolio is confusingIt’s been an ongoing battle for the Etchans to have their […]

  • The #2 IPO in history is a $500M IPO by Citigroup, says Bloomberg

    Bloomberg News – The #1 IPO in the history of finance, Citigroup Inc. is now the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 index after raising a record $500 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.The fund’s market value is up 7.4% year to date, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 22.4%.The fund, which […]

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