Which startups have raised the most money so far?

The average amount of money startups raise for each project has risen sharply from $15,000 in 2013 to $21,000 last year.

But there are some notable exceptions.

Infiniti’s $9.5 million funding round for the AI startup Kiva earned the company a total of $23.8 million from investors, and the $3.2 million it secured from Sequoia Capital was more than three times the company’s average investment.

This year, Kiva will also be partnering with a pair of startups that raised a total $3 million.

Both startups, Sidekiq and OdaWallet, have raised at least $3 billion each.

The next big moneymakers in the finance space are Uber and Airbnb, which both raised at or above $5 billion last year and are still ramping up their operations.

Uber raised more than $3,600 million in its first year of operations, and Airbnb raised more money than most businesses in the world.

Uber is currently hiring more than 8,000 new drivers and has added more than 1,000 since launching in March.

Airbnb, meanwhile, is looking to expand into new markets around the world, but is focused on expanding its user base in the United States.

It’s looking to add more than 100,000 Airbnb hosts and about 300,000 regular Airbnb members.

The ride-hailing giant is currently focused on launching a more direct service to travelers who are unable to pay their own fares.

It recently launched a platform called TripAdvisor that allows users to compare travel rates, offer travel tips and share tips with others.