How to buy and sell bitcoin in the US with ex-Apple execs

Ex-Apple executive and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is reportedly the one who brought bitcoin to the US market. 

In the past week, Jobs, now 73, and the founders of Coinbase, a startup that facilitates the use of bitcoins in the world, have started selling their bitcoin to US investors, Bloomberg reports. 

According to the report, a number of high-profile people, including the head of Facebook and Tesla, have sold bitcoin, including former President Barack Obama and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The report adds that the US has a relatively small number of bitcoin millionaires, with a combined net worth of $9 billion. 

But, as Bloomberg notes, bitcoin may be losing its popularity in the United States due to regulatory uncertainty and other concerns about the technology, including a possible ban on ICOs. 

Bloomberg also reported that the founder of CoinTelegraph, a bitcoin payment platform, was also considering selling his stake. 

The company, which has raised $200 million in Series B funding, is currently listed on NASDAQ and is valued at $500 million.