How Napoli won the battle of the directors

A tale of two directors.

It all started when the club’s former sporting director, Giorgio Lazzari, wanted to buy the club.

Napoli were the favourites to take over the reins but Lazzarius went out of his way to convince the board that they should keep the current sporting director.

But then Napoli agreed to pay him the same amount of money as Lazzaris, but that money was split equally between the club and Lazzarians’ company.

The two parties went to court and the case ended up being a case of double standards.

The result of this is that when Lazzarri wants to buy a team, he can still use his company’s directors to make a deal for a club.

Lazzaria’s legal team said he was entitled to buy Napoli, but they said that the directors had to be paid the same.

Napolitano is also allowed to buy players, but only with the approval of the sporting director or his son, Gianluigi.

This is why we have no problem with our sporting directors.

If the director has a special interest in a player or has a financial interest in the team, we have to do the same for them.

– Mario De Laurentiis, Napoli president