Why we’re betting on Yahoo finance as Yahoo gets into more of the tech business

There’s a lot to like about Yahoo’s financial services business, but investors are betting it’s a bet that’s only going to grow more enticing in the coming years. 

A look at Yahoo’s business is in the cards as it moves towards its first IPO, according to a new report from the brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, which is tracking the company and its potential future.

The firm says the company has the potential to be worth about $20 billion in 2020, with a valuation that would surpass Apple and Facebook, as well as Google.

The company’s valuation is based on the assumption that Yahoo can grow its revenue and margins significantly and grow its user base to an estimated 8 billion by 2020.

But while the company already has a solid base of advertisers and investors, Morgan Stanley says the revenue growth is still “premature” and that Yahoo’s growth is likely limited to the U.S. and Asia.

In order to build on its existing user base, Yahoo needs to get more advertising to the top 100 U.K. markets, Morgan’s report said. 

That means more advertising will be necessary. 

Morgan Stanley expects Yahoo’s revenue to grow by 20% a year to 2024.

In the U, it expects Yahoo to report a total of $1.4 billion in advertising revenue in 2020 and a total revenue of $3.4 trillion by 2024. 

As a result, Yahoo will need to increase advertising spending by a significant amount, with the company having to spend about $1 billion more a year in 2020 than it did in 2020 to cover its expenses. 

In addition, Morgan estimates Yahoo will have to raise $2.3 billion in its initial public offering.

The company has yet to raise capital, and that amount is expected to be around $500 million, Morgan said.

Morgan Stanley is also betting that Yahoo will expand its product offerings to include financial products and other financial services.

This will be an important challenge as Yahoo continues to face pressure from Wall Street and consumer advocates to take a more aggressive stance on protecting its user data and to provide more transparency about its operations.

The report says the growth of Yahoo’s advertising business will drive growth in Yahoo’s core financials and advertising business. 

Yahoo’s revenue growth will be “impressive,” according to Morgan Stanley’s report. 

For investors, the report also shows that Yahoo has the ability to become more profitable and expand its user bases in the future.

Yahoo is already the world’s largest online video service, with more than 90 million video views per month, and it has been growing at a rapid pace since its IPO in October 2010. 

But Morgan Stanley estimates that Yahoo could need to grow its business substantially in the near term if it is to be successful.