When you pay for gasoline, you should pay more for gas: Automakers’ finance calculator


(AP) If you’re a gas-hungry driver, you may be tempted to put more money into your gas-guzzling car, but automakers say the more money you spend on fuel, the more you pay.

That’s the logic behind an automaker’s finance calculator that can estimate your monthly payments based on fuel prices, gas mileage and a variety of other factors.

It also includes a tool that lets you estimate how much you could save with a reduced vehicle maintenance and repair bill.

Mazda, General Motors and Ford have the tool, which is available at auto retailers and online through the company’s website.

It works with vehicles that have been fitted with the Fuel Economy (FEV) feature.

If you choose to install the feature, you can increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by 25 miles per gallon or more.

The calculator is a bit of a cheat sheet, with different numbers based on different vehicle models and how many miles the fuel-efficient engine consumes, and it does not include other important things like the vehicle’s price or a breakdown of fuel costs.

It doesn’t provide any figures for how much gas you could use if you drove less than 30,000 miles a year.

Marlins CEO Steve Greenberg, in a statement, said it would help you make more informed decisions about your fuel bills.

“The Fuel Economy feature is a fantastic feature, but it can be very confusing for many drivers,” Greenberg said.

“The new fuel efficiency calculator will help you to make better fuel choices, which will save you money and fuel.”

Mazdas new Fuel Economy technology is designed to reduce the fuel bills of some models of cars and SUVs by as much as 25% on average.

The feature is already available on some newer cars and vans, but the calculator has yet to be officially released.

Marianna Sauerbrugger, an automotive finance expert at the University of Southern California’s College of Business, said automakers are now testing new FEV features that could be included in some of the new vehicles.

“That is definitely a trend that we are seeing now in the industry, with the fuel economy in the cars coming under scrutiny,” Sauerboghr said.

Sauerbrucker, which manufactures the Mazdas most popular car, the ZL1, said the new FEI technology would help save $1,000 to $2,500 a year on fuel.

Saugerbruckers FEI Fuel Efficiency technology is available on all of its vehicles and its cars can get up to 50 miles per fuel-saving gallon.

The company has also introduced its new Fuel Efficiency Assist system, which lets you adjust the fuel flow in your vehicle, and its “Enhanced” Fuel Economy system, in which the fuel gauge lights will change to green or amber.

Fuel Economy is a measure of how efficient a vehicle is compared to other vehicles in its class, with higher fuel economy being better.MGM, for example, is able to save more fuel in the Mazds 2.0L engine, a compact four-cylinder that has been in production for 20 years.

The engine is designed for light duty use and the automaker says it can save as much fuel as an SUV.GM also uses a software tool to help you estimate fuel savings based on your vehicle’s weight and driving habits.

The Fuel Efficiency Calculator can be downloaded at the automakers website, and is free to download.

It is not available in most of the major cities, and some of those cities don’t offer the option for free download.

“It’s a great tool, but you should be paying attention to all of the other options available to you,” Greenberg told the Associated Press.

“You should be using those to figure out how much money you can save.

It’s really important.”