Why the smart girl is investing in her own car, instead of buying a used one

The smart girl investor is on a mission to save money by investing in their own car instead of renting.

The idea comes from an upcoming article in the Wall Street Journal that explores the new trends in finance and the ways they are helping to reduce the cost of ownership.

The story is called “How the smart-ass investment in a car can save you money.”

“We’re getting more and more people who are investing in themselves,” says Nicole Gersh, chief investment officer of Smart Girl Financial, which is based in San Francisco.

“They don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for a car.”

It is not just a matter of saving money.

It is a matter that is changing the way people live their lives.

“It’s a huge shift,” says Gersd.

“You can see it in the way the stock market is performing and how people are making investments.

People are starting to invest in their future, and that’s something that’s very exciting to me.”

Gersh started Smart Girl Finance after her husband died of a heart attack while she was out of town with their newborn daughter.

She started looking for ways to save.

Gersd, 34, is a self-described “hacker” who was inspired to open up a business after hearing about the rise in smart-sales and credit card companies.

She has no financial background, but she has worked as a financial advisor, business development director and consultant.

She is the author of several books, including the new book, “The Smart Girl Investor: How to Save Money and Get Ahead.”

Giesh says there are many ways people can save money without having to buy a car.

They can buy a used car and pay a monthly fee.

They may be able to rent a car or pay a small monthly fee to have it serviced and paid off.

The new smart-deals program launched by Fidelity Investments is one example of this.

Fidelity offers a range of smart-deal programs to people who don’t need to buy their own vehicle, such as a credit card or a mortgage.

Fidelity says that for the first time, Fidelity will offer a smart-sale program to people with an auto loan.

The Smart Girl Savings Program will allow customers to pay their auto loan monthly in full and receive a monthly payment in installments.

The program is available to customers with a $100,000 loan, $150,000 or $250,000 credit card.

Flanders says the goal is to get more than 30,000 people in the program.

Smart Girl Financial and Fidelity are also partnering to help people save on a home equity line of credit.

Fiersd says they have received over 2 million applications and are working with a number of banks to expand the program, including a major credit union in Los Angeles.

“We want to get them in the door as soon as possible,” she says.

“As we start to expand this, we’re also going to start getting more of the credit unions and other banks that offer these smart-payroll programs, so that they have access to those people.”

She says the credit union will provide a free monthly credit monitoring account that will be used to monitor the creditworthiness of customers.

Smart Girl will be using the account to track their credit.

Smart Girls are not the only ones who are seeing interest in saving money on their own cars.

The financial news website Seeking Alpha, which has more than 2.6 million readers, is looking at ways to help smart girls.

It recently ran a story about how smart girls can save big on their cars and pay off their loans in a few months.

The article said:The goal is for these smart girls to save enough money for the car and buy a vehicle and then pay off the loan within the month.

If they make enough money, they can buy the car.

The article said this could include buying a new vehicle with a lease or buy a brand new car with a cash offer, which can help make the loan payment in less than a month.

The smart girls would then pay the loan off in full with their own money.

Smart Girls can also use these programs to save up to $1,000 on a loan.

Smart girls are also looking at the way they can save more on their credit card bills.

They are getting more savvy about paying their credit cards.

Smart girl finance sites such as PaybackCredit and SmartGirlCredit.com allow users to use their credit to buy goods and services, such that the purchase will be eligible for a 10 percent discount off the purchase price.

For instance, the smartgirl can pay off a $500 balance on a $600 credit card, then use her smart girl credit card to pay $400 off the balance.

This way, she doesn’t have the full $600 balance.

The smart girl will also be able pay off her debt with a minimum $500 payment