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Finance manager salaries have jumped to record highs for 2016 and are set to continue the upward trend for the rest of the year, according to a report from the company’s chief financial officer.

Yahoo Finance reported on Thursday that the average salary for a Finance Manager at Yahoo was $102,000, up $9.6 million from last year and $4.2 million from 2015.

The increase in average salaries was driven by an increase in compensation of $9 million, a 12 percent increase, as compared to the same period last year.

This is the first year Yahoo Finance has reported a full year of data on the average annual salary for Finance Managers, which is not surprising given the rapid growth of finance roles across the industry.

Last year, Finance Manager salaries were up 5.9 percent compared to last year, with the average earning a median of $96,500.

Yahoo is also expanding the number of Finance Manager roles and offering finance roles in more industries.

The company is working to expand the Finance Manager job pool to include more areas of finance and other professional roles, as well as to include finance roles with more specialized expertise and experience.

A Finance Manager can earn up to $1 million per year and work in more than a dozen sectors, including asset management, credit default swaps, healthcare and financial planning.

Yahoo has long been a leader in finance and its Financial Advisor positions have grown significantly in value since the beginning of the financial crisis.

Yahoo finance chief financial officers have earned a median annual salary of $104,000 since 2011, according the Yahoo Finance site.