The next big things in finance

Businesses, social media platforms, and mobile apps are all in for a huge boost when it comes to their finances. 

With this trend accelerating, a growing number of entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on the shift by launching financial services businesses. 

The big news in 2018 is that the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is going mainstream. 

In 2018, cryptocurrency investors will be able to invest in financial services using a digital token, blockchain, called ether. 

Ether is a digital currency created by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. 

When Ether goes mainstream, it’s expected to drive down transaction costs for companies. 

Companies can now set up their own smart contracts to run on the blockchain to ensure transparency and security. 

“Ethers ability to be an asset and a currency in the same space is really exciting. 

It opens up a whole new world of possibilities and offers us all a new way to transact,” Elliot van Leeuwen, founder of Blockchain Capital, told CNBC. 

According to van Leeus, “We have to start thinking about what kinds of things we are going to be able do. 

We have some very exciting things in front of us.” 

“A lot of these businesses that we are building, they are going be able just to operate as they are, they have no additional cost structure.

They can get off the ground very quickly,” Peter H. Lee, CEO of Etherfund, told the Wall Street Journal. 

Buterin, the creator of bitcoin, has been working on the Ethereum blockchain since 2015. 

While Ethereum has a large user base, it has been plagued with issues. 

As part of the solution, the Ethereum Foundation partnered with companies to develop a secure and robust protocol for its blockchain, but it has also faced criticism from some quarters. 

Some investors have criticized the project as a means to bypass the blockchain. 

A group of former Ethereum developers launched a cryptocurrency investment fund called EtherInvest. 

This fund was launched to raise money for the development of Ethereum and help developers build and distribute applications that utilize Ethereum. 

However, the fund has since been taken offline due to the fact that the Ethereum network is still in beta stage. 

Hence, Etherinvest is now in a holding period. 

One of the biggest players in the cryptocurrency space is Ethereum, which has seen exponential growth over the past year. 

Since the beginning of 2018, the value of ether has grown by more than 40,000 percent, with the digital currency reaching $4,300 last month. 

Despite the recent gains, Ether has also seen a number of scandals, including the fact the company used a secret back-end to store funds, which is currently under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Currently, there are more than 200 active Ether tokens, with many of the largest holders using the platform as a way to keep their coins in their hands. 

On top of this, the price of ether is also on the rise, which could mean that investors are buying into the crypto-currency in a speculative way. 

That being said, there’s another major trend in the finance space that’s going to affect the entire industry. 

Many companies are trying their best to become Blockchain 2.0 businesses.

These startups are creating products and services that are designed to help companies become more efficient, safer, and more secure. 

For example, fintech startup Chain, has launched its own cryptocurrency, ChainDash, to help banks facilitate transactions in their digital wallets. 

Additionally, Blockchain Capital, an investment firm focused on the digital asset space, launched an ICO in August 2017. 

ChainDash is now trading at over $2,000 a coin. 

Blockchains are being used in a number different ways to enable companies to be more efficient and more transparent. 

Bitcoin has been a huge beneficiary of the Blockchain Revolution. 

Last year, Bitcoin and Ethereum were both the most popular cryptocurrencies for investors, with each being valued at around $150 billion at the time. 

Then, bitcoin prices plunged by a whopping 45% over the summer, leading to the collapse of bitcoin exchanges. 

To combat the drop in prices, Ethereum and bitcoin began to rise again. 

So far, Ethereum has seen a surge in value and has surpassed $1,000,000 in market cap. 

If Ethereum and its token gains continued, the digital token could become the next big thing in finance. 

There are a few reasons why blockchain could become a big player in the industry.1.

The Blockchain Revolution Is Coming to a Nearby City There is no doubt that blockchain has a major impact on finance.

 For one, it enables people to transact more securely and quickly. 

Because of this technology, people can spend their cash on goods and services without having to worry about their finances being stolen or being