Cars to get new gas prices, diesel fuel subsidy: Mazda

A new gas-guzzling model is being introduced in the Mazda brand, but will it be enough to satisfy the needs of the European gas market?

According to a new study by the Financial Times, the European Union’s fuel economy and emissions regulations are set to drive down fuel prices for the average driver, especially in Germany, the UK, and Italy.

The new fuel-gauge standard has been proposed by EU member states, but the European Commission has not yet decided on whether or not to enforce it.

The new fuel standard will be in place from March 2018 and it will allow vehicles to be equipped with an average of 10.5 mpg or more, up from the current 8.5mpg.

This will allow the average vehicle to achieve a total fuel efficiency of 40.7 mpg, up 10 mpg from the 2020 EU average.

While the new standard has not been officially implemented yet, the fuel economy standard will likely have a huge impact on the European car market.

As a result, carmakers are going to be paying more for fuel than ever before, with average prices for cars starting at around €20,000 ($27,400).

The report also said that a significant amount of money is already being spent on the fuel efficiency standards.

It said that the fuel-efficiency standard will help carmakers in Germany and Italy to reduce their fuel costs by up to 20 percent and also in the UK.

While fuel efficiency will have a major impact on vehicle pricing, it will also have a large impact on environmental costs.

As the report stated, European Union Member States are currently making huge investments in the technology to make vehicles more efficient and to reduce carbon emissions.

The report further said that EU Member States were also considering setting up fuel efficiency zones and making it easier for manufacturers to set fuel efficiency targets.