A better-looking Alpha finance app for Android (WIRED)

The Android beta of Alpha Finance for iOS was a hit, with more than 30 million downloads.

Now, the app is getting a much-needed update.

The beta of the beta for Alpha Finance is now live on the Google Play Store, and Alpha Finance users can now tap the little red button in the top right corner to access it.

Users can select the option to have the beta version of the app update to the final release, or they can select “Continue with beta” to see what the final version looks like.

Beta versions of Alpha finance are always free for a limited time, but it’s unclear if the update will also make Alpha Finance the official Alpha Finance app for iOS.

Alpha Finance has also been receiving some bug fixes since the beta.

Alpha finance has been around since January of last year, and it has already been downloaded more than 2 million times, and users are excited to see it on the app store.

Beta testing is a great way for developers to test out new features and features that might make their app more useful in the long run.

The Beta of Alpha is still in beta mode, so users can opt out of beta testing if they wish.

But for now, Alpha Finance can only be found on the Android beta app, which will be updated when Alpha Finance gets its final release.

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