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Google Finance, one of the largest online lenders, has released its 2017 global finance report and its annual reports for each country.

It was first published in September and is available to download for free.

The report, titled “GMA 2017 Global Finance”, reveals that over the past year, Google Finance has secured more than $4 billion in funding from private investors, including a total of $3.2 billion from Accel Partners.

The bank says the majority of the funding was invested in US and UK financial institutions, with $1.2bn in the US, $1 billion from Goldman Sachs and $1bn from JP Morgan.

It says a total $1,731 million was invested from Germany, $913 million from France, $724 million from Canada, $500 million from Spain and $400 million from Australia.

The UK was the country that received the biggest number of loans with $4.5 billion of funding from Accell Partners.

A total of £3.5bn was invested by Accel in the UK, which was followed by France with £1.3 billion and Spain with £400 million.

Google Finance also has £1bn in funding in Spain, which is the country where Spanish authorities are considering whether to legalize cannabis.

The total amount invested by Google Finance in 2017 was the highest number of money invested in the financial sector since it was launched in 2011.

In addition to Accel and Goldman Sachs, Accel also invested in British insurance provider BNP Paribas and US health insurance giant Humana.

Google Finance also revealed that it has secured $2.1 billion in financing from private companies including the United Arab Emirates, India, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Accel has also secured funding from Canadian venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

In the UK the bank secured $1 million from HSBC, which it said was the biggest single investment from the bank to date.

The global finance market was the third largest in 2017 with $18.5 trillion worth of funding, with nearly $3 trillion invested globally.